Sunday, March 30, 2008

Guilt Frame

First up in March was a Sydney Theatre Company offer from its New or Experimental Theatre wing WHARF2LOUD. They had invited the DE Quincey Co to present: embrace: GUILT FRAME. Usually this company is seen at The Performance Space in Sydney, a space known for its experimental nature. Tess De Quincey and Peter Snow presented a 45 minute experience of “ART” within the frame work of a gilt picture frame .This is one of a series of explorations using structural elements drawn from The Natyasastra an ancient Indian treatise on artistic practice, in which the performers negotiate a series of eight emotional states. Tess De Quincey works within BODY WEATHER, a contemporary dance training founded in Japan by a butoh dancer Mia Tanake. In Butoh style the two participants exchanged places within the picture frame and back again only their upper torso visible. Maybe they traveled through eight states of emotion, I’m not sure. What I did marvel at was the skill of Tess De Quincey in contrast to a less disciplined or skilled performer, Peter Snow. It was fascinating to have the opportunity to admire the contrast in such detail. The piece was accompanied by an interesting minimalist sound design by Michael Toisuta called in HOMAGE TO LIGETI. While this work is not for everyone it is a good sign to see the Sydney Theatre Company offer its subscribers an opportunity to experience real experimental work. A healthy sign of the Upton /Blanchett idea of performance-theatre. I hope the audience that did see it are encouraged to follow the De Quincey Company. For me they are mainly Miss but I certainly would love to see the last work they presented for The Performance Space at The Carriageworks last year again: a site specific work called THE STIRRING. A MAJOR Hit for me.

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