Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Which play are you most looking forward to seeing?

Looks like people are most eagerly anticipating SCORCHED, upstairs at the Belvoir St Theatre. So here are some details...

Written by Wajdi Mouawad, translated by Linda Gaboriau
Director: Neil Armfield
Cast: Paula Arundell, Carl Dewhurst, Adam Hatz, Gillian Jones, Brian Lipson, Ashley Lyons, Lucia Mastrantone, Zindzi Okenyo, Hazem Shammas, George Spartels and Yael Stone

Season runs 19 July - 7 September.
Bookings online or call 02 9699 3444.

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Pearl (Moderator)

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't find the link to comment on "Spring Awakening" - so I'm posting here.

I agree with some of your comments about the production. [Why the green floor in part 2? Is that 'Spring' awakening in a lurid mess?]I think there are things that are left out of this production that are wonderful in the full text - I was especially sad to not see the love scene between Henschien and Ernst which comes across as the one bright moment of uninhibited love in the whole sordid world. [The kiss they replace the scene with was a wonderful sequence.]

If unfamiliar with the play I don't think the production would have been entirely clear - the tranformations into teachers and parents were not clear to my companions on the night, and given the child dominated world that was presented perhaps they were a little out of place in a production that seemed to me to be trying to present the world through the eyes of youth.

But even with these thoughts I found it an energetic and invigorating show with many strong and affecting visuals.

The ideas that it sought to highlight were effectively brought to life - it wasn't the whole play. But I felt that parts it took were powerfully and inventively presented.