Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Six Quick Chicks

SIX QUICK CHICKS @ RAVAL, The Macquarie Hotel, Level 1, 42 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills.

SIX QUICK CHICKS is a cabaret/burlesque company of rotating artists. In this new, very well appointed venue RAVAL at the Macquarie Hotel six chicks present a show that is full of brave quirky talents. A 'hostess' introduces a series of guests during her 'cooking' show. The guests, this night, were single 'stand-up' comic acts of various and contrasting exaggerated eccentricities.

This form of entertainment is one of absolute risk and skill. RISK. ABSOLUTE. I can tell you, I'd never do it - for whatever the skill level, and this line up is stacked with it, courage and resilience is the major asset required in this Art Form. Depending on the temperament of the audience, each performance, the artist either hits target or misses. If you hit, there is probably no more glorious ride. If you miss there is definitely no more agonising crash.

On Thursday night it was a mixture of both. Fortunately most targets were HITS, if not quite centre for full score, every time. The line up of artists were not all individually known to me and their web site is way behind being in the present tense. So here are three of these artists I know: Vashti Hughes, Lucy Suze Taylor and Celia Curtis. (Sorry to the other chicks that I can't list you.) Celia Curtis in her manifestation as 'Maxie' is a standout.

This show plays next Thursday @ RAVAL and then on March 4 @ SLIDE. Fun and daring for all.

For more information or to book for the March 4 @ SLIDE show click here.

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