Friday, November 12, 2010

Sydney Opera House presents THE ANIMALS AND CHILDREN TOOK TO THE STREETS, Created by 1927 at the Studio Space, Sydney Opera House.

1927 are a British theatre company and they presented in 2008, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, also at the Studio.

1927 are a “group that concocts the most surreal of fairy tales, combining animation, cabaret, music hall song, dry humour and contemporary issues”. THE ANIMALS AND THE CHILDREN TOOK TO THE STREETS the latest work is performed by three performing artists: Suzanne Andrade, Esme Appleton and piano player, Lillian Henley. They act to musical accompaniment against a most elaborate set of sequences of animated film, the story of the streets of the tenement block of Bayou Mansions, with Agnes Eaves. Paul Bill Barritt is responsible for the imaging, which is truly remarkable and magical – sinister and disturbing as well. The comedy is often wickedly black and is delivered, perfectly synchronised with the images and the music.

It is fascinating and clever. And if this is the first time that you have met this company it is possibly a delight. This work THE ANIMALS…(2010). is really more of BETWEEN THE DEVIL…(2008) and while still charming, a little less interesting, as it now no longer has the surprise and wonderment element. Content, form and style are much the same as last time. The creativity while amazing – is static and provides no real reason to want to see the company again.

I went because I loved its quirkiness and artistry last time. This time, familiarity bred boredom. No surprise, no fun.

P.S. The Opera House is still slugging the paying customer a service tax of $5.00 for purchasing a ticket at the Box Office with cash. Grrrrr! The tourist trade and the Sydney patron paying again, above the advertised cost of the programs presented by the hirers of the spaces., for the opportunity of attending the Opera House?!!! If the shows go out to Parramatta go there and use the $5.00 for a very pleasant ferry ride- highly recommended - it adds immensely to the event.

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