Sunday, September 17, 2017


Photo by Rupert Reid Photography

Millstone Productions presents MOTH, by Declan Greene, in the ATYP Theatre, Wharf 4, Hickson Rd., Walsh Bay. 6 September - 16 September.

MOTH is a one act play by Australian writer, Declan Greene. It is a very early example of his work and the 'promise' that this text predicts has been continually advanced upon with project following project: e.g. LITTLE MERCY; EIGHT GIGABYTES OF HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY and more recently, THE HOMOSEXUALS OR 'FAGGOTS'.

Two young teenagers, Claryssa (Ruby O'Kelly) - a self-declared emo, Wiccan art-freak, and Sebastian (Jeremi Campese) - an underdeveloped, sickly 15 year old with a fantasy life chock full of anime robot scenarios, have found a bonding as the school weirdo outsiders. The bullies of the school find them an easy target. It is their imaginative wit and super-human resilience that keeps them going. Inevitably, one them begins to unwind and their friendship undergoes severe pressure and possible tragedy.

The play is essentially overwritten and in the event of it in this production, by Rachel Chant, it appears overwrought. Ms O'Kelly gives an obvious leaning to melodramatic (pushed) choices from no organic 'core' of identification (acting rather than 'existing', 'being'), which highlights the brilliant restraint (naturalism) and ease that Mr Campese brings to the highs and lows of his character's journey. It is a very creditable performance and appears to be more so beside the less truthful performance one of his partner. Mr Campese, is, I suspect, someone to look out for.

The Set and Costume Design is by Tyler Hawkins and is made more 'handsome' in its concrete spareness through the Lighting of Alexander Berlage, whilst the atmosphere of the narrative is supported and further created by the Composition of Chrysoulla Markoulli and the Sound Design of Tom Hogan.

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