Monday, January 15, 2018


Griffin Theatre Company and The Last Great Hunt present FAG/STAG, written and performed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Issacs, in the SBW Theatre, Kings Cross. 10 - 27 January.

FAG/STAG was first presented in Perth in the Blue Room Theatre's Summer Nights in 2015. It is written and performed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Chris Issacs.

Jimmy (Jeffrey Jay Fowler) is a FAG and does Grindr in his search for sex. Corgan (Chris Issacs) is a STAG and does Tinder in his search for sex. Jimmy and Corgan are long standing best friends - they play Donkey Kong regularly together - who both had a thing for Tamara that didn't work out for either of them. Their 'play' crisis is Tamara's up-coming marriage day.

Told via two interlocking monologues, on a black walled stage with a tall stool and table each - a next to nothing Set, very suitable and convenient for touring - the writing is fleet and fluid and stacked with very 'finger-on-the-pulse' type 'hipsterisms' - gay and straight. It is amusing most of the time, not all of the time, but, most of the time. The two performances are adroit and very confident with Mr Fowler, especially, giving a very attractive character reading.

Nothing much happens to these two spoilt men/bros 'hurtling towards their 30's', who have no apparent ease in finding a love/partnership relationship, and are still  highly dependent on parental closeness and assistance.

Depression and self harm issues are alluded to, unresolvedly in the scheme of the events, and they are both periphery concerns - momentary shadows on the greater part of the content.

Short in length, it is an easy hour that has a feel of Summer Festival flummery - feel good entertainment. Theatre-'lite'. Fun. FAG/STAG really doesn't add up to much. Or, is it enough? See for yourself.

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