Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Seasons - 2019 in the Independent scene

This is not a blog concerning a Performance. This concerns the plans for two theatres in the Independent circuit in Sydney. On Sunday 25th November and 2nd December I attended the launch of two 2019 Seasons. It was quite a pleasure to see, at both, a majority of young artists and their supporters, present.

I just thought to remark on the foresight and enterprise of LIMELIGHT ON OXFORD and THE KINGS CROSS THEATRE (bAKEHOUSE). Both organisations have planned 2019 with a generous sense of the development of the young artists in this city by giving the opportunity to create and produce work in their spaces. (One needs to note that both organisations have included the more experienced as well.)

LIMELIGHT ON OXFORD have afforded 20 Productions, scattered throughout its three storey building, and THE KINGS CROSS THEATRE with bAKEHOUSE have a similar number scattered in different venues inside that building. Julie Baz and David Jeffrey of LIMELIGHT ON OXFORD, and Suzanne Millar and John Harrison of bAKEHOUSE with the management of the Kings Cross Hotel, are not only giving space for the artists but, also, are keen in developing an audience of the young for the theatre. They, both, are providing a full night out with Theatre, Food and Drinks available - both venues hoping to create Artistic Hubs and Centres for a 'hotbed' of excitement in craft and hopefully art intensities.

Check out both their web-sites it could be an exciting and very risky time.

Congratulations to both organisations. Good Luck.

P.S. Red Line at the Old Fitz are also promoting a very exciting 2019.

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